Madelyn Wigle - National Outdoor Leadership School

Madelyn Wigle is a marketing representative and gap year advisor for NOLS. Her journey at the school began in 2010 when she did a 30-day Alaska Backpacking course. From there, she went on to graduate from James Madison University in Virginia, and upon graduation, accepted an internship with NOLS in Lander, Wyoming in 2013. After her internship, she worked and traveled internationally for a year and a half and returned to Lander to work full time for NOLS this past February.  As an accredited 501(c)(3) educational school, NOLS takes students on extended wilderness expeditions teaching technical skills (like backpacking, rock climbing, sailing, etc.), leadership, and environmental ethics. Since 1965, NOLS has grown to 19 different locations internationally, and works with the University of Utah to provide college credit. NOLS offers a variety of course lengths, from 14 days, 30 days, semesters, and even an academic year lasting 135 days.



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