Janet & Natalie LoSole

This mother-daughter duo teamed up to explore options for going overseas that they could both be happy with!  Thanks to the Go Global Expo, Natalie's next stop is... France!

Names: Janet LoSole + Natalie LoSole-Stringer
Ages: Postsecondary and mom!
Organization: Campus France, AFS
Website: janetlosole.com
Attended the 2017 Toronto Go Global Expo

Were you looking for anything specific when you attended the Go Global Expo?
Natalie: Something related to French exchange programs to enhance my language skills.
Janet: Researching opportunities on the internet was overwhelming. I wanted Natalie to speak directly to the providers, ask questions and get inspired. This is something I did back in 1986 when I went to a travel conference. I hooked up with SWAP and went to England. It was nice to see SWAP at the Go Global Expo, for old times sake.

Did you connect with any organizations or attend a valuable seminar?
Natalie: One organization that stood out was Campus France, which is an organization that allows you to take courses in France to expand your education in French or anything else you wish to pursue. AFS is another program that interested me. It offers community programs in many countries and seems very impactful, enabling participants to make a difference.
Janet: We were pleasantly surprised at Benjamin Guth’s “Mobilize” presentation, on opportunities to work in Canada. We had no idea such an organization existed. Though Natalie was especially focussed on education-based programs, I thought the presentation was informative and provided her with ideas.

Where do you plan to go and what do you plan to do?
Natalie: Starting in June, I plan to participate in the Campus France program over the course of three months. I believe it will advance my French language skills and introduce me more to the culture. As well as attending Campus France, I also will be staying with a French family to further my immersion experience.
Janet: Just to add: this idea will enhance her post-secondary studies in French--hence the summer sojourn in France.

As a mother-daughter duo, what do you feel that the Go Global Expo helped you to achieve?
Natalie: It helped us work together to make sure we were getting all the information for each organization and expand our knowledge on how many options we have in terms of programs overseas.

Janet: As we had hoped, the Go Global Expo introduced us to options Natalie was already thinking about, and also allowed us to become aware of opportunities out there that we had not thought of.

Do you feel that the Go Global Expo directly or indirectly impacted your life? How?
Natalie: I think it definitely made me aware of how many different options I have for international travel. And has helped me expand my future plans now that I’m aware of all the choices I have.

Would you recommend the GGE to people that are looking for international opportunities? What would you say to them?
Natalie: Take all the opportunities you have to look into the Go Global Expos and discover all different programs that could be life-changing for you.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Janet: We support the overall philosophy of Verge Magazine--to create global citizens. Natalie has already travelled to many countries, including a service trip to Colombia with our local YMCA. We hoped that the Go Global Expo would expose us to organizations that share this perspective, and we were not disappointed.