Testimonials from past exhibitors

“In Canada, we have participated in a few different fairs which targeted students and found that based on our target audience, the Go Global Expo was the one which best reached that audience. Our experience with the Go Global Expo was positive from start to finish…The Go Global Expo was well-organized and well-marketed, attracting a large and well-targeted audience that was perfect for our needs.”
—Fareeda Chand, Australian Trade Commission

"Our expectations for our participation have been met and exceeded. The event was extremely well prepared and efficiently organized. Staff during the weeks and months before the exhibit was always very helpful, friendly and extremely responsive. On site, there was always somebody available to ask for help – and help was granted immediately. But not only the number of attendees was remarkable, also the high quality of questions asked and discussions we had with visitors at our booth. We thank the team of the Verge Magazine for providing this excellent opportunity to promote our State's universities abroad. We will be back next year!"
—Katja Stempfle-Eberl, Baden-Württemberg International

"I felt a very strong and personal commitment of the organizers to provide the best service to the exhibitors as well as to the visitors. Furthermore, the event was very well marketed. Through its communication tools, the fair provided for a very good platform to enhance the visibility of Swiss higher education institutions in Canada. Finally, I was positively surprised not only by the high number of visitors, but also by their genuine interest in our products. All in all, our participation in the Go Global Expo was a great success, which was also mainly due to the very good organisation and personal commitment of the organizers."
—Sébastien Hug, Embassy of Switzerland

“The quality of the volunteers, organizers, attendees, and venue made the fair a great success for exhibitors and sponsors. Ingle International was very pleased with the outcome of the event and is looking forward to sponsoring next year's Go Global Expo in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.”
—Mónica Aguirre, Ingle International

"This international fair was, in our opinion, a great success.  It was a tremendous opportunity to meet potential participants, as thousands of interested people attended the exhibit.  It was also an incredible opportunity to network with similar or complementary organizations.  From the first invitation to the postmortem, the event was very well-organized and every single detail was taken into consideration. The exhibitors were kept informed of everything before, during and after the expo.  The organizers were kind, helpful and professional.  The event was well-advertised and attracted a remarkable number of participants, such as students, professionals and retired people as well.  This shows how efficient the promotion campaign was made.  Being at the Go Global Expo was definitely worthwhile, and we look forward to attending it again next year!"
— Arianne Méthot, AFS Interculture Canada

"This was the first year I had worked with the Go Global Expo, and it far exceeded my expectations.[...] Because CCS has an office in Toronto, we noticed that even before the conference began there was sufficient advertisement through fliers, advertisements and word of mouth.  This was made quite evident in the number of people that arrived at the conference.  It was a great demographic of young students who were eager to learn more about travelling, learning and volunteering abroad. [...] We know we can expect the same service and preparation next year, and CCS will absolutely be attending the Go Global Expo in the future!"
— Alison Newcomer, Cross-Cultural Solutions

“Youth Challenge International attends volunteer recruitment fairs across Canada and the Go Global Expo has without a doubt been our most successful fair this year. The event was extremely well organized with a great turn out…ranging from eager prospective volunteers to relevant post-secondary contacts to interested parents. Through our participation we were able to make new connections, increase our visibility in the market and I am confident that it will result in new business in the future. We will definitely be attending next year!”
—Lauren Chender, Youth Challenge International

"I would like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work putting on the Go Global Expo this year. It has been two months since the Expo, and I am still meeting with people that I had met at the Expo! It has certainly paid off in exposure and registrations for our teacher training programs.The expo was a huge success and I am really looking forward to next year's event and hopefully an expansion to other cities!"
— Andrea Dinan, International House

"Visitoz has been attending Expos in Canada since 2004 and has been extremely happy with the way this Expo was run, the friendliness of the exhibition staff and the efficient organisation. This event was obviously very well advertised as well; the attendance was terrific and we were kept extremely busy all day with high quality enquiries from the young people coming to see what was on offer for their career or year out. We cannot thank Tannis and her team enough for a very well run and very well attended Expo. Coming all the way from Australia for these events we do rely on an efficient administration and well advertised event to make it worth our while. It was a five star event in all respects and we will certainly be attending again."
—Joanna Burnet, Visitoz


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